Top 40 2016 Inspirational Songs

Hi beloved readers, its December again, and we are ready to bid the year 2016 a well farewell, hmm! what a year?? what great moments have we stored for future references? As the year rolls to a new figure we remember those stuffs that made 2016 inspiring, motivating, enjoying, made us stronger, taught us lessons and rose us above the board.
It hasn't been you alone dear reader, the most high has kept us up to this very moment to be testifiers of his Grace and Love, What a year has it been to us all, from our end (Inspirational library) it has been superb gaining more grounds and sharing inspiring, motivating picture quotes, encouraging quotes and messages, inspirational poems, inspiring songs, funny quotes and lovely quotes for your dear ones. It has really been awesome having you guys around, reading our post and sharing it round the world.

Inspirational library Top 40 2016 Inspirational Songs

Lets wait a minute, aren't we missing something? oh yea, we haven't listed some of the articles by inspirational library that really made people think bigger.

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yippee! these stories really made our readers choice for the year 2016, i know the 4th one is kind of new to most of our readers as we didn't publish it, Its true, +Rexzzy Barry  the chief author here at Inspirational Library was shot November 14th 2016 and this post was composed on his hospital bed regarding the extreme love he has for his readers.

Yes!!! Its another lengthy post again like he did last year, with lots of work and errors worked on, from the whole iL blog team, We unveil the Top 40 Inspirational Songs for 2016. like we said before in last year's post "Top 40 2015 Inspirational Songs" these inspirational musics ranges from motivating punchlines to uplifting lyrics, blues to ragge, high worship to gospel rock, afro to hip hop, slow to party jamz, around the world motivational and inspiring song, freedom vocals and rhythms, they are combinations of songs that topped individuals playlist and with a great aim of giving you songs with inspiring lyrics.

Running through the songs, we have;

#1 - My Life By Adekunle Gold
The very 1st day i heard this song I was like Wow! what a song, though i don't hear yoruba but I love most adekunle Gold's songs, but this one is worth sharing with love ones, Just flow with the mind lifting Nigerian lyrics by Gold, We are higher than the world and God protection is definitely with us even as we enter a new year, Live your life and forget what others are saying. Like its always said, Nobody owns your life, stop living in that dream and stand for everything you are not and its not your fault you are living fine, its not your fault you are having a good life, its not your fault 2017 will be the best year for you, but its all the Lord God doing

Inspirational library top 40 2016 song playlist

#2 - Sandcastles By Beyonce
Inspiring love blend music by Beyonce from her Lemonade album, slow, soft, recommended by a lovely friend it topped her playlist for a long time, guess you going to like it, for couples, broken relationships and promises, this song is for you. lets make things up as we are about to enter a new calendar.

#3 - Another Level By Pantoranking
Hmmm, yea its pantoranking on the list with his inspiring ghetto song Another level, which means another stage of life, a new phase of life that's better than your erstwhile, while we are forging into a new year, our mind set should be on we entering a new or creating another level for ourselves, Nigerian song with inspiring lyrics

#4 - Bank Alert By Psquare
Bringing psquare is not right?  What about if you start absorbing the punchline of this song and telling yourself that,  2017 all your credit bank alerts you will be getting will be mind blowing?  Really this song is not a cool song but the Storyline and bragging right punchlines got it on this list,  to all psquare fan,  you know what am talking about,  as we all enter 2017, all our credit bank Alert will Mavel us all "ghangham",  IJN

#5 - Brand New Sun By Jason Lytle
As the year bids us good bye,  so the sun is waving us goodbye, yes we have gone through alot this year,  but I sure you listening to this mind lifting song by Jason lytle will remind you that in 2017 there's still going be another sun,  and we all are going run to it,  to embrace another year of fulfillment.. Listen and believe

#6 - I Fly By Sinach
Yes!!!  The Nigerian born gospel singer made the list again,  with one of her hit tracks,  highly motivating,  inspiring, mind lifting worship, assuring us that though crises will come,  disappointment,  but our living God will make our wings stronger like that of an Eagle and make us fly above them all,  from Rexzzy, dear reader with this alone you can achieve alot,  listen to the song and hear the other declarations she lyrically arranged

#7 - Oluwa Ni By Reekado Banks
It's reekado from Mavin records,  yes!  Like he always said,  "the small boy" made the list with one of his tracks, in which he actually appreciated God's wonder and grace upon his life, very inspiring party nigerian music, listen and enjoy  "Oluwa ni" it's God....

#8 - Far & Wide By Gil Joe Ft Nkay
Joe never stops amazing me, two lovely kid from Rocktown, it's Joe and Nkay hocking up on this to release this gospel rock,  listen to far and wide by Joe.

#9 - I Surrender By Don Moen
Hmmm,  1st of all I will appreciate the person that reommened this song for us,  it's no other than +Nosagie Nosa-Ero  or Techrez blog,  thanks sir. With the name and title of this song you all ready know wahtsaup, bro and  sister, you really need to surrender to God in this upcoming year,  so he will guide you all through,  so you won't be left hanging,  you and I need God to succeed so surrender to him Now... 

#10 - E Sure For Me By Phyno
Its the Igbo born rapper,  hocking up on this song,  at the release of this song,  I wonder what really happened that so many guys in the hood loved the song,  so I decided to survey and I noticed they all loved the song because of it's high motivating lyrics carefully chosen,  I then dime it fit to share it with you guys. that in 2017 it's all going to be well for us (he sure for us)

#11 - Other Room By Cobhams Asuquo
Why is other room on the playlist???  Then you need to ask yourself,  do you know Cohbams? His life story is amazing and he never stop producing songs with lyrics aim at advising young ones,  listen to other and hear what Inspiring Cohbams is telling us..

#12 - If I Could See You By The Script
Anytime I hear the beats of the songs I already Now am going to have a nice time as the song lasted...  I really wish I could see some loved ones again,  but sadly they are all gone,  but if you have that few minutes to see them again,  pour your heart for them...  Wish we could see them or they can see how much we have achieved so far in their absence...

#13 - Excellency By Ice Prince
It's excellency by iceprince on the list from his #j2tw album,  the song his filled with lot of bragging rights that will need to accept for yourself and nurture them till it's a reality to people around us,  we are all excellencies inside us,  crown yours today..  Listen to the track

#14 - You Are Everything By Tye Tribbett
While more gospel songs raised the bar this year,  same with Tye and his tracks,  2016 rocked this song and in 2017 we are going to embrace this song more, because God is everything to us,  he has made us see today and another year...  Confess this today and see life changes

#15 - Miracle Papa By Joe Praise
Hmmm!  This song made this by his guidance,  guess God have who he really want to listen to this song,  it might be you, dear reader,  so don't forget to download...  "as of when I was pilling us songs,  I needed a song to add and I went to a gospel site and started finding the songs,  but countless times this song and one other kept showing,  I had no other choice but to download" wow I don't regret doing so, because it has been so inspiring and rocking to me,  anytime I listen to it,  I just want to stand with my broken leg immediately and walk...  God is really a miracle God.

#16 - Fada Fada By  Phyno
Hmm when this song was released, people wondered and asked why was it tagged "Ghetto Gospel" months later why it was tagged ghetto gospel was known, this song lyrics was specially chosen and i assure you it rocked alot of minds, even my grand ma always hmmmm the song, it speared so many hearts, Fada Fada (God God) really inspiring naija ghetto hiphop giving thanks to God almighty that he has been our father and come 2017 he will still be our Fada Fada..

#17 - If No Be God By D’banj
where is D'banj, whats happening to his  music life, did the break up really affect him, that has been on everyone's lips till he came up with this song of appreciation, listen to this and carefully allow your mind to unveil all what God has done for you. "“Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough” " If it hasn't been God in 2016, where should we have been?? Nowhere i guess, keep appreciating him and allow more to come to you.

#18 - Oyoyo By Frank Edward
Its franky again on his FRANKINCENSE album, if you haven't listened to any song from it, then i guess you  shouldn't hesitate in downloading this. too inspiring and filled with pure lyrics only praising the Most High, though mixed with igbo and rocked with his colleague and label mate Victor Ike, this song need to be on your playlist come 2017 as it as done much good in 2016. We will definitely meet God someday and we are going to meet him in Heaven.

#19 - Turn Me Around By Samsung
Calling God in various name and tongues doesn't come in lame way, it comes from the Goodness of God, How has 2016 been to you? aren't you glad you made it till the end? All has been the goodness of God, listen and keep this inspiring song that specially made our top 40 inspirational songs for the upcoming year as God keep turning you around and showering you with blessings, come 2017 the goodness of  God we turn our lives and country for the better.

#20 - In The New Year By The Walkmen
Its going to be a new year in just few days, What are your plans? what are your expectations? what are your believes? What are you going quit? who are you going to mingle with? whats going to be your sleeping and waking time? Dear readers The Walkmen are reminding us that its going to a new year, but in a question form "In The New Year 2017 what are you targeting? listen and share

Wow!! What a top 20 inspirational musics by various artists giving us mind blowing punchlines. Did You miss this post on iL?  -----   7 Powerful Reasons Why People Should Visit Inspirational Blogs
#21 - Capable God By Samsung
An entity is capable of fulfilling is million only if you trust and depend on it,  capable God by Samsung is not just a mind uplifting song Bt also its a song of assurance that God is still capable for doing anything he says he will do,  still unchangeable and merciful..  2017 God is still capable of turning your story around...

#22 - Fight Song By Rachel Platten
"Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don't give up the fight." 2017 is gonna be another year, don't try to stop,  you still gat all to fight for,  believe your next idea will be an explosion... Listen to what Rachel have for you

#23 - Wonderful World By Louis Armstrong
"Louis Armstrong, nicknamed Satchmo or Pops, was an American trumpeter, composer, singer and occasional actor and one of the most influential figures in jazz", So Wonderful world was sang by this musical Icon. He once said  "The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large."
The world is still going me a wonderful world come next year,  don't stop believing, old and still inspiring minds...  Listen

#24 - Work By Adekunle Gold
Lol!!  It's another motivating song by Adekunle from his Gold album, Yea,  we all just need to work,  we need to cut our coat the way it fits us,  let's stop living a fake life..  So many of us lived lives that aren't for us this year,  all in the name of pleasing the next person, but dear friends "Red will always be Red",  work for all you want,  live with all you have and stop believing your struggle will kill you

#25 - Photograph By Ed Sheeran
Last year, Sheeran wasn't able to make our list due to listeners choice, but this year; its so surprising how listeners pushed Photograph by Sheeran on our list. As of today am still loving this song with powerful cool lyrics, but i still wonder why alot of people love this love "So you can keep me" , "love can heal" Lyrics from the song, download and listen to other inspiring punchlines from Sheeran

#26 - Workaholic By Falz
Hmmmm this is another track again about work,  the 1st day I heard this song, I thought it was opposing work by adekunle gold,  though both songs talks about work, but they passes different inspiring messages of hardwork,  while adekunle talks about working and stop living fake life,  Falz is simply saying work but don't go the extreme end, rest and give yourself a break, you aren't going take the wealth along when you die talkless using your human body as a machine...

#27 - Intentional By Travis Greene
As rough as you can be be, listening to the 1st line of this song, sincerely has this spirit of calmness, "All Things Working For My Good"
Personally i call this song my assurance song, my encourager when things are rough, this song makes me stronger and i always feel renewed and refilled, 2017! You dno't need to be worry about anything, just believe everything is working for you, its intentional is one inspiring songs all youths and teens need to have on their gadgets. Download and enjoy

#28 - Yaya Oyoyo By Lil_kesh Ft Davido
"Oluwa bless us" God bless us as Lil Kesh voised in this voice should never seize from our lips,  thank him for the ones he has done and don't hesitate to ask more, God is always there for us all,  in the new year never stop putting God 1st and asking goodies from him,  Download and enjoy

#29 - Money By Timaya Ft Flavour
Every night and day we are all struggling to be a better individual, yes money by timaya specially dedicated to all Nigerians around the world, "when money nr dy people go use us play",  2017 By the mighty power of God will never be like that,  our financial freedom will be said around and people will hear us speak.. Motivating song by Timaya and flavour, download and enjoy...

#30 - Won’t Stop By QB
Napoleon hil once said "One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat." QB  is here with this encouraging song, telling us all not to stop nor accept failure until every of your goal is achieved, in the new year keep this inspiring punchline on your mind "don't stop until you reach your goal" remember Kennedy also said "Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan."

Wow!! So far, what a top 30 songs to motivate you that we have reviewed, Do you think your song got that inspiring punchlines that songs in this list have, and you want to advertise your song on inspirational Library?
Visit here:

#31 - Return To Innocence By Enigma
More of Instrumental and soft lyrics, just one nice song to have on your playlist as you enter a new year. if you have ever in a way diverted from your real self, just know that there are still way back to return to being that person you were before, download and enjoy

#32 - Sweet Love By Frank Edward Ft Victor Ike
This kind of love he as shown us is too sweet, also love that we have received from loved ones is what has made us rejoice in 2016, come 2017 do more and receive more, because God has loved us and we are to love him back for greater glory and blessing to be upon us.  Love has high toxication if gotten from the right source,  inspiring sweet love track by Franky and ike, dance dance dance with them

#33 - SFSG By Phyno
Phyno again on the list, OMG! what is Rexzzy thinking? Plz don't allow this trend inside you, like i told you all, these songs we carefully chosen because of the lyrics they carry not the genre and not artist type, all we care about is making you listen to songs with punchlines that makes sense and convey an inspiring message. SO FAR SO GOOD, 2016 is all gone and 2017 is pregnant to us all.
Its a song of appreciation though, blessing his maker for making it up till date, you need to k ow that breathing today is not because you are Alpha but its God goodness upon you.  Personally, "So Far So Good, Am Still Alive Today" download and enjoy

#34 - Turning Around By Vashawn Mitchel
Turning around by Mitchel recommended by a dear friend, and in her short inspiring summary she said "Life trial and trouble hits, people even leave because of some situations, Dear iL Readers, situations can be anything but God will definitely see us through our darkness/gloom and turn them for good, 2017 Your life is turning around" she got all that from this song? inspiring right? Download and listen

#35 - What Can I Do By Tye Tribbett
"Tell Me What Can I do"..... Here i really need to chip this in, Have you really given your life to Jesus? do you totally believe in Jesus? Dear listeners i wont try to shadow anything here but Life is totally worthless without God, we cannot live without him, He his our all in all, believe it or not, 2017 will really be a mess if you don't accept him now. download, open your heart, listen and accept the spirit

#36 - Victory By Eben
Victory at last, 2016 is over and welcome 2017. I don't see this song leaving my lips soon, He has given us all victory above all powers, All sorrows gone, all tragedies gone, all heartbreaks gone, he has given us victory and made us a shinning light. Regarding your locality, download and listen as Eben make you rock for your maker. Victory by Eben is still one inspiring rock gospel to reckon with. get it now

#37 - Remedy By Adele
Adele simply encouraging us all,  that to all life challenges there's a remedy that's not far from you,  another inspired song from Adele, really mind lifting. "The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then can one feel that all is as it should be." To all whose Economy is going down, I assure you the remedy will be gotten soon, don't lose hope.
 Download and listen

#38 - If I Start To Talk By Tiwa Savage Ft Dr Sid
Tiwa is making our list again with her song of appreciation,  definitely the inspiring punchlines were carefully chosen,  God has really done awesome things that if we start mentioning them,  the list remains endless.. Just enjoy the rest encouraging things she said..

#39 - Stepping Stones By BNG
I Remember the first day I heard this song with its powerful inspiring punchlines, it encouraged me and it was on replay throughout that day. Today I play this song daily after my gun shot accident, the song keep telling me that my current situation is just a stepping stone for my miracles. Dear readers you might be going through somethings Now that's making you think 2017 will be a worse year to you,  but listen to this song and believe that everything you are going through Now are just stepping stones to a better you.  "Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success."-Rexzzy2016

#40 - Pick Up By Adekunle Gold
Hahhhaaaa!  Yes it's the last track on the list and it's pick up by adekunle gold,  Dear Lord I have done my best with these tracks carefully selected for the edification of your children regarding the upcoming year,  oh Lord let these 40 inspiring songs on this playlist make a difference to everyone,  this is my prayer,  please pick up and Grant it for me...  Lol,  This is mine, say yours today and let baba God pick up the call and answer you.

BONUS TRACK: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year
Its the season once again, Christ is the main reason for this season, as its noted generally in the world that December 25th and January 1st. its two special days.  So i celebrate with you all, with this lovely Old Xmas and Happy New Year Song. ----DOWNLOAD

To create a new beginning in 2017, you need lot or inspiration, lets call it nitros to help you boast into the year, that's where Top 40 Inspirational Songs for 2016 comes into play, these songs as i called them "nitros" are to serve as extra boost for you to moving into the new year and knowing a new year isn't a bus stop but a checkpoint for you. the list selected tunes about letting go, moving forward, coming back to drawing board and embracing change. because as you start a new year, don't allow your burning ambitious flame in 2016 die all because you now think its a new year.

Feeling down in 2017?? Simply just puts these songs in your ipods, gadgets, mobile phones and go for a walk while playing them. Martin luther king Once said "take the first step of faith, you don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step". Just listen.

Yepee!!! So glad and relieved that finally i dropped this post, after much work on the songs at the studio (dont't judge our voice over *winks) and wallpaper design. The numerous snippets tagged to every of the 40 songs really took much time. I never thought it would be possible because i was writing from my sick bed, but as I started the post, the almighty God strength found me, and his Divine inspiration started reminding me of outstanding songs with inspiring punchlines for the edification of his beloved.

I want to really use this medium to thank everyone that stood by me during my accident, Most especially i want to thank God for saving my life and granting me gradually healing. I still want to specially thank my friends and family, for their time, finance and love, I really can't explain how much i appreciate. I wont forget  Blogger Victor Chigozie of Peoplesgist blog and Nosagie Ero of Techrez blog, Oracle of Oracletweets blog, Miss Anne of Studygist blog and lovely Class captain not to forget two lovely and caring friends I noticed this period. Love you all, thanks for your support. Thanks to my Blogger friends, my school friends, church members and close iL Readers. Lastly Thanks to all my ZZYS brothers and sisters and also to my Besty, she has been my source of inspiration and strength, and has given me all needed attention, Thanks Mila *kisses.

I really appreciate you guys. Am Done now, we can all rock these top Inspirational 40 Songs For 2016 and in 2017, with playlist ranging from motivating punchlines to uplifting lyrics, blues to raggae, afro to hip hop, slow to fast party jamz.
My sincere prayer is for these 40 Inspirational songs to help everyone Rise, Think, Stay on course and Achieve the Best... [Mark 14:26]

Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year TO You All From Rexzzy Chief Author inspirational Library

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